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sharp wit and sharper fangs

Ruby Williams || OC
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Ruby came from a wealthy family where what she wanted, she got, as long as she stayed out of her parents way. This resulted in a teenage Ruby acting out; though whether it was for attention, for fun or to show off her rebellious streak, she isn’t about to tell. With several criminal offenses including drinking underage, drug use, DUIs and indecent exposure (so that was one time), it isn’t really any wonder she got herself in the kind of trouble you just don’t walk out of.

Like most other Saturday nights, a 21 year old Ruby was out partying with her friends. And as usual, she picked up. He was a fair few years older, attractive, friendly and keen for a good time.

She should have known something was up.

Instead of the good time she was promise, Ruby was left bleeding to death in an alley, vampire venom running through her veins.

Really, waking up a vampire may be scary, but it definitely has it’s perks.

Mun and muse are both over 21. I am not Izzy Hilton, I’m just borrowing her face. Ruby is my creative property intended for role play purposes only. Ruby is gender queer; she has male genitalia, but identifies as female and is extremely comfortable in herself.

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